Over one year has passed since “emergency response” legislation was enacted by the Federal government in the Northern Territory. A raft of measures has been implemented as part of this intervention, including welfare quarantining, the suspension of the racial discrimination act and increased police powers in prescribed areas. While there are certainly examples of successful women leaders in Aboriginal communities, the NT intervention has undermined and castrated their capacity for leadership. Furthermore, this assimilation-based approach to Aboriginal affairs in Australia gives little hope that indigenous people will achieve self-determination and be supported in leadership of their own communities.

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Mentoring has been shown to be beneficial in many career fields, including medicine. A systematic review has shown that mentorship in academic medicine increases personal and career development and research productivity (1). However, mentoring may not always be a positive experience, particularly for women. In the field of medicine, men are three times as likely as women to describe having a mentor as a positive experience that influenced their careers, and women doctors perceive that it is more difficult for them to find a mentor than for men to find one (1). Optimising the mentoring process is important. Specifically, access to mentoring and optimising the experience of mentorship are important goals.

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Confidence is a subjective, emotional state of mind.  It is about being comfortable in your own skin, and reassured enough to act. It comes from the balance of believing in yourself, mastering your fears, and understanding what you want, and then what you’re prepared to do to get it.

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Harvard University’s Open Collections Program have featured a section on “Women in Medicine”. Click here to read more about the entry of women into Medicine and featured doctors and female medical schools throughout history.

Assisting, guiding, and facilitating mentoring generates positive results and aids the climb to career success and satisfaction, historically and today. Climbing the Ladder: Making the Most of Mentoring is an excellent article by Adair R. Heyl, PhD available at the AMWA website.

“Politics is more difficult than physics.” –Albert Einstein
No matter how many years of training you have or how excellent your clinical skills are, physicians who lack political skills will not reach their potential. Unless you’re a solo practitioner, the only way to avoid organizational politics is to avoid people. Refusing to participate will you keep you on the sidelines, watching your aspirations evaporate.

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You probably do more writing as a physician/ researcher than you thought you would ever do when you took that pesky freshman composition class. As you now know, the process of writing requires great attention to detail whether you are writing an interoffice memo or a research article. It is true that the beginning of a good journal article is good science with rigorous methods, but the science will not be conveyed to the research community or the general public without clear writing.

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This presentation from Professor Deborah  Saltman is an invaluable resource for any medical woman considering writing a publication. It covers topics including: 

• Objectives
• Writing style
• Structural elements
• Writing plan
• Models of clarity
• Authorship
• Language

Click here to read Professor Saltman's presentation. (Website link to: The NSW Primary Health Care Research Capacity Building Project )

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