ACT MWS Report Aug 2019

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ACT & Region MWS Report for AFMW Meeting
1. Research
We have been able to keep the agenda item on bullying and harassment in medicine and medical training on the table, such that we now have the genesis of a research project in place. Our committee rep on this new stage will be Dr Melanie Dorrington and ACT MWS has decided to contribute from our funds $5000 to this research
2. Education
We hold an annual education event and this year Helen Watchirs, Head of ACT Human Rights, gave an excellent presentation on the rights of people incarcerated in Australian and particularly ACT prisons
3. Oral History Project
Herstories and oral histories are gradually being collated, and once interviewed some of our newer members are typing the interviews.  Gradually they will go up on our website
4. Beyond Medicine project
We are continuing to approach women in medicine about their non-medical lives and learning about singing, music and mediaeval re-enactment
5.Sport and Fun
The ski weekend took place in late July and was injury free!
6.1 Fund Raising for our Charities
We independently fund raise for Women in the Congo, a women’s charity in Cambodia, and for some ACT based charities, including for new and isolated parents. This years Fund Raiser is in 2 weeks time and has the theme “Music through the Decades” – I am betting it will also be great fun
6.2 Fund Raising for Aboriginal Women’s Health Initiative of AFMW – I modelled the scarf at the last meeting of ACT MWS & information about the scarf designed by the Aboriginal Artist, Louse Numina Napanangka, was sent to all members
7. Advocacy
Doctors for Climate Change through Sue Packer MWSACT gave its full support to the organisation “No Time for Games” that is lobbying ACT government to agree that we are facing a climate change emergency. The final motion asked that AFMW also be asked for their support
8. Gender Equity ACT MWS has long funded an essay prize on this topic for ANU Med Students and the call has gone out to read and review this year’s essays
9. There was an introductory report back to ACT MWS on the New York congress of MWIA


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