AFMW Open Forum Series

These are weekly Zoom meetings hosted by AFMW to provide a platform for members and Council to come together.

Time: Saturdays, 4 – 5.15pm

Who: all members are welcome to attend.

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Please contact the AFMW Executive by email using this address with any feedback or topic suggestions! 

Previous meetings 

  • May and June 2020: AFMW COVID-19 Statement, 2nd Statement sessions
  • 06/06/20: COVID and ‘The Care Economy’
  • 13/06/20: ‘Black Lives Matter’
  • 20/06/20: The ‘Closing the Gap Conundrum’: A discussion amongst Australian medical women
  • 27/06/20: ‘What I am Reading’ – Medical Women’s ‘Book Club’, no pre-reading required
  • 04/07/20: ‘Indigenous Engagement’ with guest speaker Professor Bronwyn Fredericks. Prof Fredericks has provided us excellent input to our AFMW Reconciliation Action Plan. She is Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University of Queensland
  • 11/07/20: ‘The COVID-19 2nd Wave in Melbourne’, including hard lockdown in social housing, including multicultural and Aboriginal implications
  • 18/07/20: Better Governance through a Review of the AFMW Constitution
  • 25/07/20: An Introduction to yAFMW – ‘Young AFMW’
  • 01/08/20: What does the F for Federation mean in AFMW? How might we best represent its meaning in a publicity video?
  • 08/08/20: ‘Forging closer bonds within MWIA’ chaired by Dr Desiree Yap, MWIA Vice President for the Western Pacific Region (WPR) with attendees from throughout the WPR
  • 15/08/20: COVID-19 and General Practice
  • 22/08/20: Job-sharing & Part-Time training. See
  • 29/08/20: ‘Optimizing Mask Fit’
  • 05/09/20: ‘What I am Reading’ and ‘How I’m Feeling in COVID-19’
  • 12/09/20: ‘SARS-CoV-2 New Concepts in Masks and PPE’ with guest speakers Prof Raina MacIntyre and Dr Margaret Oziemski

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Marissa Daniels

Marissa is a paediatric intensive care medicine trainee based in Brisbane.