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AFMW is affiliated with the Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA), an association of medical women representing women doctors from all five continents around the world. MWIA is represented on the Economic and Social Council of United Nations, the Board of the General Council of International Organisation of the Medical Sciences, the World Health Organisation has NGO observer status to the World Medical Association.

It aims to:

– Promote the cooperation of Medical Women in different countries and to develop friendship and understanding between Medical Women throughout the world.

– Actively work against gender related inequalities in the medical profession between female and male doctors including career oppor-tunities and economical aspects.

– Offer medical women the opportunity to meet so as to confer upon questions concerning the health and well-being of humanity.

For more information visit the MWIA website at http://mwia.net

April 2019 – MWIA Report


2019 marks the centenary of MWIA. Preparations are well underway for the Centennial MWIA Congress to be held in July in New York. Read more about that here. At the General Assembly of the MWIA, AFMW, with 225 members, will get 7 votes. Australia has nominated Dr Desiree Yap (VMWS)… Read More »April 2019 – MWIA Report