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How to help patients contemplating a pregnancy this year

A NEWLY pregnant patient of mine with pre-existing mental health issues recently told me she was considering a termination. Despite previously wanting a baby, she was feeling distressed and ambivalent due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Her fears were real, understandable and sufficient to destabilise her condition. How… Read More »How to help patients contemplating a pregnancy this year

The WomenSpeak Network

AFMW is a member of The WomenSpeak Network, one of four non government National Women’s Secretariats funded by the Commonwealth Office for Women to act as a conduit for the exchange of information between the Government and the women’s sector and provide representative advice on policy issues affecting women. The WomenSpeak Network provides the Federal Office for Women with significant input on issues affecting women in Australia, including childcare, women’s health, women’s leadership, young women, the role of men and boys in gender equity, and violence against women.