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AFMW Projects

Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery Research Project


AFMW is collaborating with a number of other organisations in an Australian Research Council funded project “Elucidating the increasing demand for genital cosmetic surgery among girls and women in Australia”.  The project is now complete.

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Commemoration of Australian Women Doctors in WWI


In 2015, the AFMW and the VMWS were successful in obtaining a grant to support the commemoration of the service of Australian women doctors in the First World War.

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AFMW Leadership Skills Database


Medical women have a wealth of expertise, experience and ideas on how to improve medicine in Australia. AFMW can help you share your expertise.  Medical women’s voices often go unheard and they lack access to opportunities and forums that would allow them to foster change. AFMW is often approached by… Read More »AFMW Leadership Skills Database

AFMW Thank You Wall


AFMW recognises the many physicians who help our members through outstanding teaching, mentoring or instruction. We have established the AFMW Thank You Initiative to give our members a way to formally recognise and express their gratitude for the invaluable contributions of their mentors and teachers. The following individuals have been nominated as part of the AFMW Thank You Initiative.

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