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Meeting with AM Ged Kearney MP

AM Ged Kearney MP and AFMW A/Prof President Magda Siminois

March is always a packed month with International Women’s Day events, speakers invitations, Endometriosis awareness activities and the UN CSW67 annual parallel session which AFMW hosted on March 15th. Alongside these events, were meetings around all things women’s health.

I participated and contributed to the Peri-Menopause Roundtable in Canberra on March 7th. A team of us which includes AMS President Karen Magraith, Prof Susan Davis AO, Prof Rob Baber, Prof Jayashre Kularni AM, Dr Kelly Teagle, Dr Ginni Mainsberg presented on issues around menopause which encompass the need to increase awareness of these issues, empowering women to seek support, education of the community and health work force, with increased access to resources / treatments no matter where you are or what your ethnic background is.

The session was very constructive and the message was received loud and clear by the many MPs in the room, who seemed receptive and interested.

Later that week, I met with Assistant Minister Ged Kearney (pictured above) at a local IWD event in Northcote Melbourne.

ged Kearney, Magdalena Simonis and Sarah Sinclair

Kat Theophanous MP is now Secretary to the Office for Women and running some fabulous programs with a view to expanding these across the nation. I met with friends and allies who work in the women’s health advocacy sector and had a terrific catch up with Dr Nisha Khot too. AM Ged Kearney and I had a catch up session the following week, which was very constructive. More of these to come.

More work ahead for us all, but you can’t beat the feeling of sisterhood when these challenges are met as one team!


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