Cybersecurity - A professional and personal concern

Personal Threats

  • threats affect family and friends
  • phishing attempts 
  • cyber stalking and dating app facilitated sexual assault
  • personal attention to device security influences risk 
  • women particularly at risk of cyber abuse: threats, intimidation and humiliation online 

Professional Threats

  • threats affect patients, especially women and children
  • increasing use of electronic media for communication
  • threats to businesses and organisations 
  • personal device use influences risk 

Cyber crime is on the rise. Why should we care?

What Can I Do?

  • knowledge is power – educate yourself, your family and loved ones
  • keep device software and security plugs up-to-date
  • maintain healthy scepticism when reading emails and text messages. Think “does this make sense?”
  • use available resources to keep abreast of emerging threats 
  • know what to do if you see a cyber threat – you can report it to the ACSC