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Women and Medicine: The Future

womeninmedicinethefuture110“Today more than half of all new medical students are female. Compared with the early 1960s, the number of men entering medical schools each year has doubled: but for women the number has increased by a factor of ten. Further along the career path, women form a majority – sometimes substantial – of the annual training intake into most specialties.Women already make up 40% of all doctors and 28% of all consultants. As the demographic change now underway works through to consultant level, women are likely – on present trends – to become the majority of general practitioners (GPs) by 2013, and the majority of all doctors sometime after 2017.”

Thus begins the introduction to the UK Royal College of Physicians summary on the study “Women and Medicine: The Future”. The report was commissioned following heightened interest in the increasing number of women entering the medical profession at undergraduate level. The aim of the report and its recommendations is to guide the profession and policy makers towards the development of a high quality workforce.

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