Call for applications for Shadow AFMW Councillors

AFMW is currently calling for applications for Shadow Treasurer and Shadow Secretary. This is a great opportunity to gain experience in the management of an Australian charity. It is ideally suited to anyone considering nominating for a Council position in the 2020 elections. Eligibility: – AFMW membership Application Process: –… Read More »Call for applications for Shadow AFMW Councillors

Call for applications for Direct AFMW Member Representative

  The position of Direct AFMW Member Representative is currently vacant. Eligibility: – Direct AFMW Members. These are doctor members of AFMW who join directly, without joining a state Medical Women’s Society (the state medical women’s societies are QMWS, VMWS, ACT and Region MWS and NSW MWS). Application Process: –… Read More »Call for applications for Direct AFMW Member Representative

Call for applications to the AFMW Governance Committee

  The Governance Committee is responsible for advising Council on our processes for making and implementing decisions to ensure we meet our legal and ethical obligations. AFMW is reviewing and revising our Constitution. Therefore, we invite applications, especially from young AFMW members (those < 40 yrs or < 7 yrs… Read More »Call for applications to the AFMW Governance Committee

Career Support

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[tatsu_section bg_color= “” bg_image= “” bg_repeat= “no-repeat” bg_attachment= ‘{“d”:”scroll”}’ bg_position= ‘{“d”:”top left”}’ bg_size= ‘{“d”:”cover”}’ bg_animation= “none” padding= Looking for career advice? Going through a tough time and need some support? We know what it is like, and are here to help. Check out these links! You might find these resources… Read More »Career Support

The History of MWIA

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  In 1919, the first international congress of women doctors was held in New York. A committee of the American Medical Women’s Association organized a dinner in honour of distinguished medical women from different countries who had just returned from medical relief work in France. 140 guests from 16 nations… Read More »The History of MWIA

No Time For Games

  On Monday 16th September, the No Time For Games event outside Parliament House included a number of impactful speeches. Among those who spoke were Senior Australian of the Year 2019 and paediatrician Dr Sue Packer OA, Mark Butler MP, Helen Haines MP, Zali Steggall OAM MP and Andrew Wilkie… Read More »No Time For Games


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  Promote the cooperation of Medical Women in different countries and to develop friendship and understanding between Medical Women throughout the world. To actively work against gender related inequalities in the medical profession between female and male doctors including career opportunities and economic aspects. To offer medical women the opportunity… Read More »MWIA Aims

MWIA Executive 2019-22

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  President: Dr Clarissa Fabre (UK) Contact the President here. Immediate Past President: Professor Dr Bettina Pfleiderer (Germany) President-Elect: Dr Eleanor Nwadinobi (UK) Contact the President-Elect here. Secretary General: Dr Padmini Murthy (USA) Contact the Secretary General here. Treasurer: Dr Helen Goodyear (UK) Contact the Treasurer here. Regional Vice Presidents:… Read More »MWIA Executive 2019-22

AFMW National Update Sept 2019

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  MWIA AFMW UPDATE Dr Magdalena Simonis AFMW National Coordinator SEPTEMBER 16TH 2019 Highlights a number of AFMW Members have taken on MWIA responsbilities AFMW representation at the Centennial MWIA Congress in New York in July 2019 AFMW representation at other international meetings include the World Health Assembly and the Commission… Read More »AFMW National Update Sept 2019