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AFMW Report on the MWIA International Congress in Munster Germany 2010

This year‘s 28th International Congress of the Medical Women’s International Association was hosted in Münster, Germany from 27-31 July 2010.  It was a memorable event with more than 618 participants from 44 different countries in attendance.  AFMW attendees included Dr Desiree Yap, Dr Gabrielle Casper, Dr Susie Close, Associate Professor Deb Colville and from VMWS Dr Raie Goodwach. 

This years’ congress theme was ‘Globalization in Medicine-Challenges and Opportunities’.  The topics and workshops covered included gender strategies and violence, addiction, epidemic plagues, health care, nutrition, leadership training and employment rights for female doctors. The AFMW’s Deb Colville in association with Jo Wainer and Rosalie Aroni presented a Young Doctors workshop on the topic: ‘Belief in Gender Polarisation is Both Manifested and Resisted by Medical Educators’.  The trio also submitted a poster: Cultural Lag Despite Numerical Equality: Gender and Leadership in Apprenticeship based Post-graduate Medical Training in Ophthalmic Surgery. The AFMW also presented four resolutions to the General Assembly of MWIA.

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