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AusAID Family Planning Guidelines

Did you know that not only the PGPD has repeatedly called for the abolition of the Guidelines, but so have a large number of prominent NGO’s?
As the PGPD put it: “Australia has a responsibility to offer assistance in the full range of reproductive health care services and should not deny the rights women here have, to women in the developing world (where those rights are within the law).”
The Hon Penny Sharpe MLC Australian Labor Party Parliament House

And as eight NGO’s have written to government:
‘The primary effect of the AusAID Family Planning Guidelines since their introduction has been to remove or diminish family planning activities and funding across all components of the aid sector: bilateral, multilateral and NGO. Since the introduction of the Guidelines, the percentage of funding for family planning has decreased in absolute terms from $6.8 million in 1995/6 to $2.28 million in 2006/7. As a percentage of total aid, family planning declined from 0.44% to 0.07%, which represents a decrease of 84% from 1995 to 2007.
The Guidelines act as a demonstrable disincentive for Australian aid providers to identify, plan and deliver sexual and reproductive health programs.’

Do you think the AFMW should add its voice to those already calling for the abolition of the guidelines? Email us here with your thoughts!

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