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Bridging Leadership Barriers Project Final Report

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The AFMW Bridging Leadership Barriers Project was a 2008-09 project designed and managed by Dr Jillian Tomlinson.

The project initiatives included:

– $15,000 in leadership scholarships for medical women
– leadership skills training conducted at the 2008 Medical Women’s International Association Western Pacific Regional Congress
– the development of the AFMW Leadership Skills Database
– complete redevelopment of the AFMW website
– the development of an online Leadership Portal
– the establishment of a quarterly AFMW e-newsletter (see top left for a link to our most recent newsletter)
– website skills training
– the creation of an AFMW test website and website instruction manual for medical women to practice and develop their website skills

The AFMW Bridging Leadership Barriers Project final report details the outcomes of the project, including:
– improved communication networks among AFMW and its members through effective use of internet technology
– enhanced opportunities for women in remote areas to communicate with their peers and participate in internet-based training
– enhanced access to medical expertise (via the Leadership Skills Database) to assist AFMW to inform and drive health-policy development and service development

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AFMW Bridging Leadership Barriers Project Report

The Australian Federation of Medical Women Bridging Leadership Barriers Project has been funded by the Australian Government through the Women’s Leadership and Development Programme. The AFMW gratefully acknowledges this support.