Medical Women’s Climate Action Group Report

This will hopefully add to the resolution on Climate Change proposed by our Australian delegates at last MWIA conference in Ghana in 2007.

The 2007 resolution states:

WHEREAS climate change and environmental degradation is occurring as a result of human activity, and MWIA recognizes the reports of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, including the resulting widespread negative health and social impacts on many people.

IT IS RESOLVED That Governments be held accountable for compliance with the Kyoto Protocol, and that industrialised countries have the responsibility to assist other nations, both financially and technically, in their response to climate change and environmental degradation.

The proposed resolution  in 2007 by AFMW had included:

MWIA supports that people who are displaced as a result of climate change be granted refugee status.

(See below for full proposed resolution in 2007)

The Climate Group at the Regional Conference of MWIA in Oct 2008, recognized:

– the responsibility of industrialised countries to assist other nations, both financially and with technical assistance, in their adapting and responding to the climate change that is already affecting them, as well as assisting these countries to reduce their contribution to further climate change.

– that Climate Change affects the health of all communities, especially those who are already vulnerable to reduced water, food, land and fishing resources.

– that Climate Change will result in many communities becoming displaced from their homes. As a result the definition of refugee needs to include those who become refugees as a result of Climate Change.

– that developed countries have contributed more per head of population to Climate Change than other countries.

– that Climate Change will have serious economic consequences.

The Climate Group proposed and urged:

– for developed countries to have a Greenhouse Gas Emission reduction of 90% on 1990 levels by 2050, and 50% by 2020.

– for all countries to increase in MRET and energy efficiency.

– that there be increased awareness that the sustainable level of GGE is 1.6 per person per year tonnes.

– the United Nations to include Climate Refugees in the definition of Refugee and for countries with the capacity to respond, especially developed countries to accept climate refugees as refugees.

– for increased awareness that there is synergy between Environment and Economic Sustainability.


Proposed Resolution in 2007, see above for final accepted resolution.

MWIA acknowledges that climate change is occurring as a result of human activity, particularly in the use of fossil fuels and recognizes the reports of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

MWIA recognizes that climate change will have widespread health and social consequences for many people.

MWIA urges a radical reduction in greenhouse gas emission in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol.

MWIA recognizes that as a result of climate change, sea levels will rise which will displace certain populations.

MWIA supports that people who are displaced as a result of climate change be granted refugee status.

Liz  Rickman – [email protected]