PRAGES: Guidelines for Gender Equality Programmes in Science

PRAGES is funded by the European Commission and the Italian Ministry for Economy and Finance. The project involved multiple countries, including Australia, and examined over 100 initiatives currently implemented in educational and professional institutions that aim to address gender inequality at the senior and leadership level within Science and Technology research. The School of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Queensland is responsible for managing the Australian component of the project including contacting and liaising with the 23 Australian participating organisations.

The PRAGES: Guidelines for Gender Equality Programmes in Science, is an invaluable resource for any existing program that aims to promote the presence of women at senior levels, and an especially important resource for any organisation who may be planning to implement such a program in the future. The international on-line database of best –practice initiatives provides detailed examples of high-quality programs, selected from the project participants, with an accompanying evaluation of each program’s strengths according to the PRAGES criteria.  The PRAGES website (accessible at provides a link for downloading an electronic version the Guidelines, access to the online database, and a downloadable copy of the PRAGES database synthesis document which will assist you in interpreting the database and provide additional information about the project.