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Prospective Study of Epidemiologic Factors in HPV Infections and Cervical Intraeipithelial Neoplasia in Korean Women

A/Prof Chan Joo Kim, A/Prof Ji Young Kwon, Dr Hyun Sung Kwack, Dr Eun Eui Chun, Prof Sung Eun Namkoong, Prof Jong Sup Park
The Catholic University Of Korea College Of Medicine

OBJECTIVE : HPV is an important cause of cervical cancer, and it is known that social etiologic factors such as smoking, oral contraceptives and parity are associated with this. This study was designed to understand the distribution of HPV subtypes and PAP cytology and the effects of social etiologic factors in Korean women diagnosed with CIN.

METHODS : Among patients who were tested for cervical cancer from April, 2006 to December, 2007, 19 social etiologic factors such as age, education level and history of smoking and distribution of HPV subtype and PAP cytology was investigated among a normal histologic control group of 80 patients and an abnormal group of 78 patients diagnosed of CIN1 and CIN2-3, and the statistical difference was analyzed.

RESULTS : The epidemiolgic factors that showed a significant difference in the CIN patient group were age distribution(P<0.0001), age when PAP test was first taken(P=0.0009), time of recently taken PAP test( P<0.0001), history of abnormal PAP test(P<0.0001), age of menarche(P=0.0134) and coitus age(P=0.006). Marriage before 25 years of age showed the largest association among the social etiologic factors (OR=23.966, Confidence limits:<0.001->999.999). PAP cytology test results had the most influence among all items, and the infection A9 subtype of HPV was the most important factor (OR=6.739, Confidence limits:0.647-70.243).

CONCLUSIONS : The CIN patient group showed significant differences from the normal patient group in many epidemiolgic factors, and the PAP cytology and HPV subtype distribution were important factors associated with the grade of CIN.

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