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“Women in Medicine” – New Curriculum In Medical College

Prof K Park
Department Of Anatomy, Yonsei University College Of Medicine

The aim of this study is to inform women doctors the importance of education female students in Medical College in the field outside the medical boundary. Since 2005, Yonsei University College of Medicine has begun new curriculum and women in medicine was in their elective course. It was set up because female students need some information about their life after graduation and marriage from their seniors, and they don’t have the opportunity to meet them. The lectures were 2 hours program and 8 lecturers were invited. They were Congress woman, Dean of medical college, famous producer of broadcast and professor of medical college, etc. At first year, there were only female students and from 2006, three male students applied and in 2007, there were 11 male students among 50 total students. The individual titles of lectures and feedback from the students will be talked in my presentation.

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