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Weathering the Storm: Adolescent Girls and Climate Change

Weathering the Storm: Adolescent Girls and Climate Change calls for better integration of adolescent girls’ needs in climate change adaptation and disaster risk management policies and programmes, based on interviews with girls in Ethiopia and Bangladesh. Download the report here.

The report “emphasises that we will not achieve any form of climate justice unless we address the needs and rights of all the different groups of people affected by climate change. It also underlines the need for a human-centred approach, one that safeguards the rights of the most vulnerable and shares the burdens and resolutions equally and fairly. The impacts of climate change, whether they are gradual changes in agriculture and living conditions or the more cataclysmic effects of a cyclone or flood, are different for different populations. But inevitably children everywhere are badly affected, and girls in particular bear the greater burden. Their lives, prospects and human rights must be better protected. We will never achieve climate justice without addressing the gender dimensions of climate change, and girls themselves, their skills, knowledge and energy, must be part of the search for solutions.”

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