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A report of 25 cases of second trimester abortion using misoprostol in the absence of mifepristone

AIM. To present a series of 25 second trimester abortions using misoprostol, administered vaginally and then orally.

METHODS. An initial misoprostol dose 800 ìg was administered high in the vagina, followed by four oral doses each of 400 ?g at three hour intervals. Diclofenac rectally was used for analgesia.

RESULTS. In the majority of cases complete abortion was accomplished, but in some it was necessary to repeat the dosage. In a small number of cases it was necessary to carry out evacuation of uterus for retained placenta. One patient required a blood transfusion. There were no cases of infection.

CONCLUSION. The success of this method provides a means of accomplishing second trimester abortion in situations when the patient cannot afford the cost of dilatation and evacuation procedure. This method provides a method for termination of pregnancies in communities where the cost of mifepristone is prohibitive or it is not available.

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