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A regimen for use for first trimester abortion using misoprostol in the absence of mifepristone


AIM. To present a series of 150 early first trimester abortions using misoprostol modified from the method reported in BJOG V 01. 110, February 2003:175-180 by Singh K, Fong YF, Dong F* a viable alternative to surgical vacuum aspiration: repeated doses of intra-vaginal misoprostol (self-administered) over nine hours for medical termination of pregnancy up to eight weeks.

METHODS. A misoprostol dose 800 ìgwas administered high in the vagina, followed by three oral doses at three hour intervals. If bright bleeding and pain of similar or more degree than that of a period occurred within fifteen hours of the first dose, success was assumed. The patient returned with follow-up -HCG and progesterone two weeks later. The regimen would be repeated a week later if bleeding was absent or insufficient.

RESULTS. On the basis of the hormonal tests it was concluded that all pregnancies had been terminated. There were no cases of infection, excessive blood loss, or need for hospital admission of surgical procedure.

CONCLUSION. The success of this method provides a means of accomplishing first trimester abortion in situations where mifepristone is either not available or too expensive in the particular community.

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