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April 2019 – MWIA Report


2019 marks the centenary of MWIA. Preparations are well underway for the Centennial MWIA Congress to be held in July in New York. Read more about that here. At the General Assembly of the MWIA, AFMW, with 225 members, will get 7 votes. Australia has nominated Dr Desiree Yap (VMWS) for the position of Vice President – Western Pacific Region.

As part of the preparations for this congress, the MWIA have published  a series of historical teasers, documenting MWIA’s history. Keep an eye out for the final 2 publications in the series yet to come.

AFMW continues to prepare the required documentation to comply with our obligations as an MWIA member organisation:

  • Our MWIA dues are up to date – allowing us to be admitted and able to vote in the General Assemblies of the MWIA Congress. MWIA dues are due on July 1 each year.
  • National Report to the Secretariat due May 1 to include:
    • Members who have held membership for 50 years (or attained this since the Vienna Congress in 2016) for formal recognition of their Golden Jubilee Membership at the Congress
    • Members’ deaths since Vienna Congress in 2016
    • young MWIA representative
    • Narrative and Statistical reports for inclusion in the Congress Report as a permanent record

For more information, please see the MWIA Website,  March 2019 MWIA Update or contact the afmw[at]afmw[dot]org[dot]au.

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