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Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery Research Project


AFMW is collaborating with a number of other organisations in an Australian Research Council funded project “Elucidating the increasing demand for genital cosmetic surgery among girls and women in Australia”.  The project is now complete.

Kirkman, Dr Maggie; Fisher, Prof Jane R; Souter, A/Prof Kay; Dobson, Dr Amy S; Butera, Ms Rita; Casper, Prof Gabrielle R; Dally, Miss Genevieve; Farrell, Dr Elizabeth F; L’Huillier, Ms Elisie; Malone, Ms Jessica; Michelmore, Mrs Janet H; Tomlinson, Dr Jillian; Vollenhoven, A/Prof Beverley J; Yap, Dr Desiree S.

This project will identify the psychosocial context of and public communication about the dramatic rise in female genital cosmetic surgery in Australia.  Results will contribute to programs for sexuality and body image education, public health campaigns about normal genital diversity, and professional development for doctors and beauty therapists.

Partnering organisations: Family Planning Victoria Inc, The Jean Hailes Foundation, Southern Health Victoria, Women’s Health Victoria.
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