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March 22: World Water Day


International World Water Day is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of fresh water and advocating for the sustainable management of fresh water resources. The objective of World Water Day 2011 is to focus international attention on the impact of rapid urban population growth, industrialization and uncertainties caused by climate change, conflicts and natural disasters on urban water systems. This year theme, Water for cities: responding to the urban challenge, aims to spotlight and encourage governments, organizations, communities, and individuals to actively engage in addressing the defy of urban water management.

Gender issues are particularly important in the water sector; women in developing countries are often responsible for supplying freshwater for the household and agricultural activities of their families and communities. Despite dealing with utilising and conserving water resources on a daily basis and having considerable expertise and experience regarding water management women are not enough in control nor participate in decision-making structures relating to water systems. For more information follow these links:
Women and Water – a UN publication

Facts and Figures: Women and Water

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