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National Indigenous Domestic Violence Conference

17-19 May, 2011
Gold Coast, Queensland
Conference Website

The National Indigenous Domestic Violence Conference is scheduled to be held in the Gold Coast on 17-19 May, 2011. The conference is designed to be the largest national Indigenous gathering of community based groups, government and non-government agencies who are all devoted to highlighting and showcasing successful programs in the area of domestic violence, with the united goal of eradicating domestic violence in society through the empowerment of people and workers in the field of Domestic Violence.

Over countless generations, society has developed into what we term “our modern day lifestyle”. In years gone by, violence was part of daily life. As society has moved forward into structured communities, the incidence of intra-tribal violence has slowly faded into the past. Unfortunately one of the most destructive influences on many communities and families in particular is Domestic Violence and the abusive power by men. Although Domestic Violence is not limited to males on women and children, men are by far the biggest perpetrators.

Many Indigenous grassroots groups and communities have worked hard in addressing the incidence of  Domestic Violence within the Indigenous community. Both non-government and government agencies have developed some great programs in addressing these problems.  The Gathering is devoted to highlighting many of these successful Domestic Violence programs from all corners and states of Australia.

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