Projects & Initiatives

AFMW Projects and Initiatives

The AFMW has embarked on several initiatives and projects over the years. These aim to either shed further light on the issues that we advocate for, or assist medical women both professionally and personally. If you are interested in conducting research or undertaking a project that is in alignment with our mission, we are very willing to assist.



Setting standards for responsible mentoring

Mentoring Australia has a series of benchmarks developed for mentoring programs, to set standards for responsible mentoring. A responsible mentoring program requires:

* A well-defined mission statement and established operating principles
* Regular, consistent contact between mentor and mentee
* Establishment under the auspices of a recognised organisation

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Our uncertain future requires new leadership

Our uncertain future requires new leadership – can the origins and theories of this ancient construct illuminate its capacity to change?

Seemingly teetering on the boundaries of stability and familiarity, today’s societies seem in great need of leadership; leadership which is insightful and courageous. But is leadership a construct flexible to change? And what are the contributors to the formation of a leader? For us to appraise and elect leaders who will encourage humanity towards a sustainable and fair global society, we need to understand the relative contributions of personal character and externalities to the development of a leader. Furthermore, achieving a sustainable future may necessitate a change in leadership style. Examining the evolution of leadership may help us elucidate the potential for such a change.

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