Past MWS NSW Events

In April 2009, MWS of NSW held a dinner/speaker event at AMA House.  One of our speakers was Dr Liz Rickman. Liz is currently Secretary of MWS of NSW and a Sydney inner west general practitioner, who has also worked in diverse environments such as Aboriginal communities in Central Australia and as a medic for Greenpeace at sea.  While working on the ‘Rainbow Warrior’, protesting against ocean oil spills, Liz was arrested and spent time in solitary confinement while held under ‘uncharacteristic legislation’ in Sweden.  Liz is a long-time activist and spokesperson on environmental issues, and is currently involved with Climate Change concerns.  Liz gave a fascinating talk on ‘Medicine, Activism and the Environment’, and inspired us all with her motivation in tackling the issue of Climate Change and its impact on health.