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Pink Bits

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    Do you know the average length of a labia minora, or feel you know what “normal” female genitals look like? You’re hopefully well aware that despite the phrase “Pink Bits” women’s genitals are not all pink. Over the next fortnight AFMW will be conducting an educational campaign about female genitalia and female genital cosmetic surgery on Twitter, providing information through links to articles and videos. How should you respond to patients who request the surgery? Follow the relevant tweets for suggestions.

    Some of the tweets will link to websites that discuss female genital cosmetic surgery in promotional or advertorial ways; please be aware that AFMW is not endorsing the content on these websites. We ask you to read and evaluate such links with healthy skepticism. Recognise that as a medical student or doctor you are better placed to evaluate medical claims than your patients or non-medical friends. If you feel strongly about the content please reply to the tweets (in a respectful manner) and let us know your opinion.

    You can follow AFMW’s tweets by following @AFMWorgau or just search for the PinkBits hashtag: #PinkBits.

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