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Self-care – a challenge for us all!

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Lots of us have made New Year’s resolutions – many of them about our health. Yes, it’s so important to be as healthy as we can be… but very few of us can keep our resolutions.

Here’s the AFMW guide to a healthier 2024.

  1. Set realistic goals and keep them simple. Consider seeing your GP to discuss realistic health goals for the year.
  2. Keep active and move every day.
  3. It’s difficult to achieve your physical health goals if you neglect your mental health. All of us are facing so many challenges, and keeping good mental health can be one of the greatest challenges of all. Seek help if your stresses are starting to take a toll, and always look for the positives in any situation.
  4. Sleep! Lots of good quality sleep makes it easier to achieve all your other health goals. Put away the device well before you go to bed and develop good routines to ensure that you wake up fresh and energised.
  5. Make sure your good health resolutions include healthy eating and drinking. Most of us know what that looks like … but if you don’t, seek help from professionals.
  6. Lastly, recognise that improving your health isn’t easy most of the time. Finding time to move more, to connect socially, & to be positive definitely takes effort – but improving your health often makes everything else in life a bit better, so it’s worth the effort.

AND remember, don’t left perfect be the enemy of good!



Dr Marjorie Cross


Dr Marjorie Cross, OAM
AFMW Council member
AFMW representative for ACT and Region MWS


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