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Should Healthcare Organizations Use Social Media?

From Erica Drazen, Caitlin Lorincz and Michael Dahlweid comes a white paper outlining best practices gleaned from early social media adopters combined with recommendations on how to develop your own social media strategy. “Social media is drastically changing the way that we communicate and you should not underestimate its ability to work for or against your organization. Even if you do not currently have an active social media presence, your employees and customers are already using social media and may be sharing information about you.

At a minimum, healthcare organizations need a “protective” policy and an outreach program to educate employees and customers about appropriate social media use. More broadly, organizations should develop an overarching strategy that leverages social media to help influence customers and accomplish strategic healthcare goals. Globally, many healthcare organizations are already using social media to help accomplish important healthcare goals related to communication, information sharing, clinical outcomes and innovation.” Click here to read the White Paper.

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