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2023 AFMW Highlights

Outgoing AFMW President and AFMW highlights list

As we close for 2023, and as outgoing President I’d like to thank our team at AFMW, our members, partners, friends and supporters.

A special thanks goes to my ebulletin and annual report co-editor Kley McPherson, who helps with online publishing and sends out our weekly AFMW eBulletin reliably on Fridays at 7 am.

Communication is key for engagement with members and stakeholders and this snapshot, taken from our annual report, shows a summary of our impact over 3 years since ebulletin was launched in 2021.

47% eBulletin Open Rate

35% eBulletin Subscriber growth


  • 463 Website Posts published
  • 129 Events published
  • 150+ eBulletins published
  • † 600% Website Visitor growth
  • 47% eBulletin Open Rate
  • 35% eBulletin Subscriber growth


The AFMW eBulletin will be in full swing again around end of January / early February 2024, as we all return from a well earned summer break. Hope you all have a safe and restful Christmas period, Festive Season, summer break and enjoy some time with loved ones.

Magdalena Simonis AM



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