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Author: Associate Professor Magdalena Simonis, AFMW President

CSW67 AFMW Event Recording
 Associate Professor Magdalena Simonis, AFMW President

AFMW UN CSW67 Parallel session:“Leading through the Digital Revolution to empower women and girls, no matter how far the distance” [RECAP]

AFMW hosted a Parallel Event at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW67), 15 March 2023. Our parallel session was a fabulous success and our speakers enlightened us on the power of digital health and technology, as enablers of equity in health and gender equality when harnessed and used by women and the wider community. Watch the webinar recording.

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closeup of a meal follwoing the Mediterranean diet
 Associate Professor Magdalena Simonis, AFMW President

Mediterranean diet reduces heart disease risk in women: Study | RACGP

RACGP asked for my comments on a recent BMJ Journal publication concerning the Mediterranean diet, one of the most researched heritage diets. The good news regarding the mediterranean diet which is published in the recent publication, and reveals that women who followed a Mediterranean diet with a higher adherence had a lowered risk of heart disease by up to 24%. Their risk of death was also reduced by 23%. Read the RACGP article.

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AM Ged Kearney MP and AFMW A/Prof President Magda Siminois
 Associate Professor Magdalena Simonis, AFMW President

Meeting with AM Ged Kearney MP

March is always a packed month with International Women’s Day events, speakers invitations, Endometriosis awareness activities and the UN CSW67 annual parallel session which AFMW hosted on March 15th. Alongside these events, were meetings around all things women’s health.

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