A/Professor Magdalena Simonis, AFMW President

Magdalena is the President of the AFMW (2020-) and former President of VMWS (2013 & 2017-2020), National Coordinator AFMWMWIA Scientific and Research Subcommittee co-ChairMWIA Mentoring and Leadership, Special Interest Group, Chair Magdalena’s deep engagements with the RACGP over many years includes chair of Women in General Practice, is currently on the RACGP Expert Committee Quality Care, prior to that on RACGP eHealth Expert Committee. She is a regular media spokesperson on numerous health issues, being interviewed most weeks by mainstream and medical media. Magdalena has represented the RACGP at senate enquiries and has worked on several National Health Framework reviews. Both an RACGP examiner and University examiner she supervises medical students and undertakes general practice research. Roles outside of RACGP include the Strategy and Policy Committee for Breast Cancer Network Australia, Board Director of Women’s Health Victoria and Chair of their Strategy and Policy subcommittee and the AMA Victoria GP Network Committee. Magdalena has presented at the United Nations as part of the Australian Assembly and was recently appointed the Australian representative to the World Health Organisation, World Assembly on COVID 19, by the Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA). A/Professor Simonis is currently a member of the National COVID-19 Taskforce expert committee, and Chair of the MWIA Mentoring and Leadership Special Interest Group.

Shared opinion piece "Why Australia has made a big mistake with AstraZeneca"

Australia’s ’unforgivable’ AZ mistake

An opinion piece worth sharing. As Victoria reports 2297 new locally-acquired COVID-19 cases yesterday. It’s the highest number ever recorded in a day. Another 11 people in Victoria have died after contracting COVID-19. Australia had the opportunity to do something truly remarkable in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead, we’re stuffing it up.

Caring for the Carers – Expert Panel Discussion on Current Health and Safety Challenges in Healthcare Sector event recap

Recap: Caring for the Carers – Expert Panel Discussion held 5 Oct

EVENT RECAP: To mark both National Work Health and Safety Month and National Mental Health Month in October, a special complimentary workshop was held 5 October looking at the health, safety and well-being concerns of people working in the healthcare sector – ‘Caring for the Carers‘. AFMW President Magdalena Simonis presented at the OSHM / Occupational Health & Safety / Work Safe. Watch the recording.

Professor Helen O’Connell Open Forum Recap

Recap: AFMW Open Forum with Professor Helen O’Connell AO held 22 Sept

EVENT RECAP: Let’s get ‘cliterate’. Professor Helen O’Connell AO presented at our AFMW Open forum on September 22nd, and educated us around the complex anatomy of the female genital tract focussing on the clitoris. Her research is a world first and has instigated the ‘cliteracy movement‘ bringing the arts and science together. Watch the recording.

Professor Caroline De Costa Open Forum Recap

Recap: AFMW Open Forum with Professor Caroline De Costa AM held 25 Aug

EVENT RECAP: Professor Caroline De Costa AM presented at our AFMW Open forum on August 25th in a Q&A style conversation between the two of us which was then opened up to the audience. Professor Caroline De Costa AM is Australia’s first female Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, sexual and reproductive health trailblazer, mother of seven, author of 15 books and numerous research publications. Watch the recording.

Medical Women in Technology and Health; Dr Magdalena Simonis podcast

Medical Women in Technology and Health; Dr Magdalena Simonis Podcast

As part of the Strategic Plan in November 2020, I instigated a Medical Women in Technology and Health ( MedWiTH) group. The Technology Health (Digital Health) industry is THE FASTEST GROWING industry in medicine and intersects with many sectors and industries. In this “Taking Health” podcast I discuss the career opportunities and challenges that exist for women within the healthcare and technology space.

Dr Desiree Yap Swei Lien - Herstory profile

‘Herstory’ – Dr Desiree Yap Swei Lien AM

Herstory this month features our own Dr Desiree AM, specialist gynaecologist in cervical dysplasia, esteemed AFMW member, current Vice President of Western Pacific MWIA, past President of AFMW and VMWS. Many years ago, Desiree called me at my practice and invited me to attend the WP MWIA regional conference that was taking place at the Sofitel Hotel in Melbourne. That was my first introduction to VMWS, AFMW, MWIA and the beginning of many wonderful experiences. Hopefully by reading these vignettes, you enjoy learning something new about career development and aspects of mentoring.

Magda announces MedWiTH Launch and upcoming webinar

MedWiTH Launch and upcoming webinar

Introducing Medical Women in Technology and Health MedWiTH, a site dedicated to Technology and Health, the opportunities for the medical work force and particularly for women in medicine. Nowadays, around 50% of medical graduates are women, yet there are very few in the digital health space. MedWiTH is about Raising awareness and taking action.