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ACT and Region MWS Report Dec 2020

December Update on AFMW Report for ACT

The President of AFMW, Dr Magdalena Simonis, attended the Annual General Meeting of  ACT MWS AGM  on 16th December 2020 and gave a  really informative precis of AFMW’s strategic direction for the next triennium and an introduction to the MWIA Survey. 

The AGM of MWS of ACT and Region confirmed the following Office Bearers: 

  • President: Dr Elizabeth Gallagher
  • Vice President: Dr Sue Packer (also Public Officer)
  • Secretary: Dr Linda Wellberry (Agendas and Minutes)
  • Membership Secretary: Dr Betty Ge (Web contact, ACT MWS Facebook)
  • Assistant Secretary: Dr Julie Beuth (Correspondence) 
  • Treasurer: Dr Kristi Bateman 


General Committee

  • Dr Brenda Masters
  • Dr Jane Twin
  • Dr Tween Low
  • Dr Jill Hutton
  • Dr Diana Rubel
  • Dr Marjorie Cross
  • Dr Felicity Williams 


There are again two AFMW Reps from ACT and Region:

  • Dr Brenda Masters
  • Dr Marjorie Cross


ACT and Region MWS has 125 members at time of AGM. 

Finally, congratulations to Dr Betty Ge, who is a new Board Member of ACT AMA. 


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