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AFMW Supports The Voice To Parliament

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Australia's first people holding signs asking us to vote Yes to the Voice referendum

AFMW supports formal recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Australian Constitution and the establishment of the Voice to Parliament.

AFMW endorses the YES vote to establish a Voice to Parliament believing this will lead to an improvement in the health and well being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

AFMW has demonstrated its advocacy in support of policies aiming to deliver better health outcomes for all Australians, including for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

AFMW recognises its role advocating for promoting social health. We know that this requires that the determinants of health are addressed.

We are aware of the many inequities in health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and through our Purple Bush Medicine Leaves Project, are aware of many of the systemic issues faced by Indigenous Health Practitioners.

AFMW has shown support for Indigenous people, and in 2018, endorsed the Uluru Statement from the Heart. The upcoming referendum asks Australians to vote on whether to amend the Constitution through the addition of proposed wording aimed at recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through a Voice to Parliament. AFMW endorses a YES vote.

AFMW acknowledges the diversity of views within membership of the AFMW and the broader community regarding the proposed Voice to Parliament.

Dr Marjorie Cross


Dr Marjorie Cross, OAM
AFMW Council member
AFMW representative for ACT and Region MWS



Resources & Acknowledgements

See AFMW –  Voice to Parliament resources and Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Medical Women initiatives, projects and statements

Download –  Yes23 Flyer

Photo credit Yes23 Resources

AFMW members encouraging the Yes vote at the Voice referendum

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