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AFMW’s ‘Reflect’ Reconciliation Action Plan


AFMW is now a member of AIDA and we are looking forward to working together.

RAP Presidents Letter

On behalf of AFMW, I would like to share with you the outline of the processes we are undertaking to bring our 100-year-old organisation into a conscious awareness of the presence, cultural significance, impact and needs of Australia’s First Nation’s people. Our project development will commit to being conscious around ‘I see you, I hear you, I acknowledge you,’ in all aspects of our work as individuals and as an organisation.

We acknowledge that AFMW’s journey on the path towards reconciliation is currently at the reflective stage and we aspire to learn and take action to close the gap. As a first step in my recent appointment as President, an invitation was sent to President of AIDA, Dr Tanya Schramm, to engage and explore a partnership and increase our learning, as we keep AIDA’s good work close on our radar.  We have established a Reconciliation Action Plan working group and our plan is to invite a member from AIDA to join our committee, to provide guidance around cultural safety and incorporate the voice of the First Nation’s people in our activities.

 Much of the advocacy and community engagement that we undertake, aims to impact health reform and with this opportunity, I will ensure that the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people especially women and children, are incorporated into our statements.  At AFMW we have a wonderful team of medical women and some have taken positions in the Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA), which represents women and women doctors at WHO and UN, thereby amplifying our efforts outside of Australia.

Warmest regards,

RAP Sub-committee includes:

  • Marjorie Cross
  • Lydia Pitcher
  • Deb Colville
  • Anne Stanaway
  • Marissa Daniels
  • Kathryn Mainstone
  • Magdalena Simonis

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