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Aspects of the Management of Pregnancies associated with Prostitution

Dr Adrienne Freeman, Adrienne Freeman Medical Pty Ltd

CONTEXT. In general the circumstances associated with prostitution are extremely difficult. Poverty, debts and the needs of dependent children may bring about problems. The risk of pregnancy may present especial difficulties. Prostitutes may be subject to assault and murder. The circumstances of repetitive murders inflicted against prostitutes may be horrific. The life style associated with prostitution may produce problems.

OBJECTIVE. To promote better understanding of the particular problems in respect of pregnancies associated with prostitution.

KEY MESSAGES. Sexually-transmitted disease, including HIV, are a particular concern. The care of the children of a prostitute may require special consideration. Assaults on pregnant prostitutes may result in obstetric problems. The low lying placenta is vulnerable. There is an association with cancer of the cervix. There may be mental illness and drug-related problems. There may late presentation of request for abortion. There may be specific problems in respect of birth, analgesia, antenatal care, lactation, and contraception.

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