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COP28 deal calls for global transition away from fossil fuels for first time


COP28 Live Reporting by the BBC, edited by Dulcie Lee at COP28 in Dubai.


  • A new deal has been agreed at the UN climate summit in Dubai after days of negotiations
  • For the first time, the deal calls on all countries to move away from using fossil fuels – but not to phase them out, something many governments wanted
  • The text recognises the need for deep, rapid and sustained reductions if humanity is to limit temperature rises to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels
  • The COP28 president said nations had “confronted realities and… set the world in the right direction”
  • Burning fossil fuels drives global warming, risking millions of lives. So far, governments have never collectively agreed to stop using them
  • Island nations hard-hit by climate change are critical – representative Samoa says they were “not in the room” when the deal was approved
  • Campaign groups also say the agreement doesn’t go far enough; Greenpeace says it won’t be possible to achieve the transition in a “fair and fast manner”


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