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“For Ukraine By Women of the World” E-book now available

For Ukraine: By Women of the World Kindle Edition

For Ukraine: By Women of the World” is a collection of powerful poetry and prose by all who identify as women about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine led by Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin. Thirty-five women express their concerns about Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, its impact on Ukrainians and the reactions of world leaders to the war. The women are from countries including Australia, Fiji, United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand.

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All funds go to supporting the women affected by the events in the Ukraine.

Special thanks to Diann Rodgers-Healey of the Australian Centre for Women in Leadership ( ACWL)who instigated this.

Featured Authors:

  • Shirley Kaye Randell – Australia
  • Diann Rodgers-Healey – Australia
  • Nikhat Shameem – Fiji
  • Padmini Murthy – United States
  • Rose O’Neill – New Zealand
  • Magdalena Simonis – Australia
  • Kerrie Duff – Australia
  • Toni Hassan – Australia
  • Ellie Wong – Australia
  • Beverly Mary Louise Lawes – England
  • Johanna Skinner – Australia
  • Shivani Saweni – Fiji
  • Karina McRoberts – Australia
  • Manpreet Kaur – Fiji
  • Rosalie Fishman – Australia
  • Kamala Lakshmi Naiker – Fiji
  • Claire Kearns – Australia
  • Vandana Vikashni Nath – Fiji
  • Helena Bryndzej Studdert – Australia
  • Evelyn Grace Quinlan – United Kingdom
  • Lauren Elise Daniels – USA / Australia
  • Doga Demir – Australia
  • Karen Arnold – United States
  • Natalie Scanlon – Australia
  • Lynne Samson – Australia
  • Linda Stewart – Australia
  • Julie Miller – Australia
  • Parvin Lata – Fiji
  • Washni Warsha Kumar – Fiji
  • Jenni Nixon – Australia
  • Libby Sommer – Australia
  • Nur J. Alam – Australia
  • Noa Gomberg – Australia
  • Susan Lane – Australia
  • Bethany Williams – Australia

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