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Medical Women in Technology and Health; Dr Magdalena Simonis Podcast

Medical Women in Technology and Health; Dr Magdalena Simonis podcast

As part of the Strategic Plan in November 2020, I instigated a Medical Women in Technology and Health ( MedWiTH) group.

The Technology Health (Digital Health) industry is THE FASTEST GROWING industry in medicine and intersects with many sectors and industries.

Women doctors are not as engaged as we should be and if we don’t become active in this space, another huge gender divide will emerge.


Talking Health Podcast

In this “Taking Health” podcast I discuss the career opportunities and challenges that exist for women within the healthcare and technology space.

I hope you enjoy the podcast – runs for 20 minutes. You can listen here:

MedWiTH Open Forum 14 Oct

As a reminder, I look forward to seeing you at the MedWiTH Open Forum session on October 14th with Dr Louise Schaper CEO OF Australasian Institute for Digital Health & Dr Amandeep Hansra from Creative Careers.

I extend an invitation to all members and yAFMW especially to be active and involved and join us.


Kind regards,
Magdalena Simonis
President & National Coordinator AFMW
Chair, MedWiTH

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