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Men’s Health Week June 13-19, 2011

Celebrating Men’s Health Week each year is one of the best ways of recognising and celebrating the resourcefulness, determination, wisdom and strengths of Australian men in their efforts to build healthy environments, often in the face of significant adversity, disadvantage and neglect. It is also a time to raise community awareness about the still poor state of men’s health and wellbeing in Australia today. For more information visit the official Men’s Health website.

There are many factors impacting on the physical, social, emotional, cultural and spiritual health of all Australian men and boys – changing social and economic roles and loss of identity; changing notions of men’s roles in society and families; relationship breakdown; racism; homophobia; negative attitudes towards disability; a propensity to specific life threatening diseases and injury; mental health issues including depression, anxiety and suicide; unemployment, low wages, working patterns and hours, fathering and the issues of separated fathers; as well as services which are lacking in responsiveness to men’s health and wellbeing needs. During Men’s Health Week 2011 we want to focus on men’s strengths in creating a healthy and happier world for themselves, their families and the community.

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