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Mentorship: shaping young doctors to be their best | InSight+

A/Prof Vicki Kotsirilos highlights Herstory

A/Prof Vicki Kotsirilos highlights Herstory in MJA Insight.

Our mentoring compilation is about giving and sharing to support others whilst also building an historically significant chapter told through lived experience of medical women. More contributions from you are welcome so that this chapter grows and builds our AFMW story and legacy!

I REFLECT upon my own mentors from early childhood days into adulthood and recognise the influence they had in shaping my confidence, passion, growth, and inner strengths.
My earliest experience of mentorship was in high school Year 8 [then Form 2] about 46 years ago, when I passionately wrote an essay on the harms of dams on rivers to the local ecosystems. My English was exceptionally poor, averaging a D [E was a failure] for most assignments. My migrant parents barely spoke English and I did not start reading properly till high school.


Fortunately, my science teacher was able to see beyond my multiple grammar errors and appreciate the content of my inner passion and thoughts. He returned my essay on dams back to me with corrections of red marks all over it; but somehow, I managed to score an A-. He smiled at me and said, “great work, just watch your grammar”. This was my first score ever of an A for an assignment. Literally overnight, I developed a love for science — my science teacher became my first mentor — and subsequently my journey into medicine.


A/Prof Vicki Kotsirilos

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Magdalena Simonis
Herstory Founder
AFMW President


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