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MWIA COVID-19 Survey summary and update – thank you for your responses!

MWIA Survey summery and update - thank you for your responses!

Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA) survey of COVID-19 experiences of women doctors as healthcare providers

Magdalena Simonis, Chair MWIA Scientific and Research Subcommittee


As chief investigator, and co-Chair of the MWIA Scientific and Research Subcommittee,  I would like to thank  my co -investigators – Professor Antonella Vezzani (Italy), Professor Magda Carneiro-Sampaio (Brazil)  and everyone on the Scientific and Research subcommittee for their input and for  helping to disseminate and promote this survey.

This is the first piece of international research of its kind so will hopefully help to fill an important gap in the research on COVID-19 impacts on women doctors.

As with any big piece of work, there are many to thank and this includes the MWIA President, MWIA Secretary General, Executive of MWIA for being supportive and the National Coordinators and all of the respective nations that participated.

The outcome of this will be detailed in presentations to follow and a publication.



In summary:

  • 24 questions in total
  • Average time spent – 8 minutes
  • 1478 Total responses
  • 1110 Fully Completed surveys
  • 75% Full Completion Rate
  • 51.09% MWIA members
  • 48.91% non-members
  • 40% working Face-to-face



Other questions looked at:

  • Impact COVID-19 had on ability to work
  • Impact COVID-19 had on income
  • PPE Supplies at onset of COVID-19
  • Length of time it took to have access to PPE 1st wave
  • PPE fit testing – yes or no and if so when
  • Confidence in workplace preparedness to provide adequate supplies of PPE
  • Confidence in workplace readiness to deal with subsequent wavs of COVID-19
  • Which COVID-19 wave they are in
  • Level of education and leadership activity within their communities.
  • Direct exposure to COVID-19 patients
  • Whether or not they have contracted COVID-19
  • Have they been tested for COVID-19
  • Measure of wellbeing during this COVID-19
  • Challenges faced
  • Updates and information – where these came from
  • Vaccine readiness and willingness to have it
  • Recommendations to better support women doctors in their workplace


Thank you,
A/Professor Magda Simonis

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