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MWIA-Newsletter No. 13 | April, 2022

MWIA-Newsletter No. 13 | April, 2022

This is a reshare of the Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA) most recent newsletter. AFMW is affiliated with Medical Women’s International Association, an association of medical women and students representing women doctors from all six continents and eight regions. In this newsletter, the Secretary General MWIA shares information about the World Health Day 2022 and the Slate of Officers Nominations Received for the 2022- 2025 MWIA Executive Committee.


April 2022

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Hope all of you are doing well.

April Showers Bring May Flowers; I sincerely hope soon we will emerge from the Continuing COVID Crisis – I am optimistic. April 7th is observed as World Health Day and this year’s theme is Our Planet, Our Health. We need, as a global community, to focus on protecting our environment to ensure health and well-being for global communities.

I am enclosing the names of the slate of officer nominations received for the 2022-2025 Executive Committee.  The update regarding this information and their bios have been shared in the December MWIA update.
Slate of Officers Nominations Received for the 2022- 2025 MWIA Executive Committee:

  1. President
  • Dr Eleanor Nwadinobi (Nigeria)
  1. Past President (nominations in alphabetical order)
  • Dr Clarissa Fabre (U.K)
  • Prof Dr Dr Bettina Pfleiderer (Germany)
  1. President Elect (nominations in alphabetical order)
  • Dr Amany Asfour (Egypt)
  • Dr Neena Modi (U.K.)
  • Dr Magdalena Simonis (Australia)
  1. Secretary General (nominations in alphabetical order)
  • Dr Mariam Jashi (Georgia)
  • Dr Padmini Murthy (U.S.A)
  1. Treasurer (nominations in alphabetical order)
  • Dr Eliza Lo Chen (USA)
  • Dr Helen Goodyear (UK)
  1. Regional Vice Presidents
  • Northern Europe Dr Elizabeth Lorraine-Lichtenstein (Sweden)
  • Central Europe Dr Edith Schratzberger-Vécsei (Austria)
  • Southern Europe Dr Concetta Laurentaci (Italy)
  • North America Dr Connie Newman (U.S.A.)
  • Latin America Dr Nelci Zanon Collange (Brazil)
  • Central Asia Dr Darunee Buddhari (Thailand)
  • Near East and Africa Dr Claribel Abam (Nigeria)
  • Western Pacific-Dr Bong-Ok Kim (Korea)

The upcoming Congress in Taipei Taiwan is 2 months away, our colleagues have left no stone unturned in organizing the congress.

Please note the Congress website will be frequently updated with information regarding the congress including the guidelines for travel due to COVID.

Look forward to seeing you in June. Thank you for all you do.

In Health, Human Rights and Peace,
Padmini Murthy MD

Padmini Murthy
Secretary General MWIA

MWIA Conference details
Please click here for information about the upcoming regional meetings and the MWIA Congress in 2022 in Taipei Taiwan.

(see original MWIA Newsletter)



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