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National Digital Health Strategy 2023-2028

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Australia is taking the next steps towards the digital transformation of healthcare, embracing new opportunities and ways of managing our health and wellbeing. This National Digital Health  strategy places people at the centre of a modern, connected and digitally enabled healthcare system. It is a strategy inclusive of all who live and receive healthcare in Australia, from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to people newly arrived on our shores. It works to increase data and digital progress, access and inclusion and also takes into consideration the aims and activities of other plans and strategies, both across governments and the broader digital health ecosystem.

Digital health is helping us meet challenges such as health inequity, increasing levels of chronic disease, rising healthcare costs and global health threats. It is enabling a person-centred healthcare model that improves access to coordinated multidisciplinary care and management of complex and chronic conditions. Digital technologies are easing pressure on hospitals and, through the  sharing of quality data,  helping to inform evidence-based decision making and the transition of care between healthcare settings. Australians, including the more than 23.7 million people with an active My Health Record, are better equipped with the information and tools they need to understand their health status and risks and manage their health and wellbeing.

This next phase of digital transformation will drive information sharing and advance real time data exchange to make information available when and where it’s needed, in line with consumer
consent and strong privacy and cyber security standards. People should not have to retell their health story. Their key information should follow them and, should they wish, be available to the whole care team across primary care, allied care, hospital care and aged care. The resulting reduced duplication and waste will also decrease workforce and budget pressures and increase
safety, quality and productivity.

A thriving, collaborative digital health ecosystem is founded on a common understanding of priorities and direction and relies on settings that support innovation and build confidence and trust. To achieve this, digital health technologies should be developed through partnerships between industry, technology vendors, healthcare providers, researchers, governments and consumers, supported by agile funding solutions to respond to the rapidly changing digital environment. Strong leadership, cyber security and governance, including clinical governance, are essential when forming a nationally coordinated approach to the collection and sharing of critical health information, and when creating policy and regulatory settings that encourage partners and collaborators to share cross industry digital expertise.

For successful adoption of digital and other health technologies, confidence and trust from within the health ecosystem and across the community is required. Stakeholders need to be certain that  he use and regulation of digital health is in line with social expectations, and that it will deliver benefits to both individuals and the community, while allowing risks to be managed appropriately.

Modernisation of Australia’s national digital health infrastructure is required for a contemporary, data-rich digital health ecosystem that can safely support emerging medical science and technologies such as genomics, artificial intelligence and sensor technologies. This data-rich environment will also provide improved data analytics to inform self-care, clinical decision making,  public health policy and health research.

Building on the achievements of the previous National Digital Health Strategy released in 2017, this strategy acknowledges the efforts, planning and investment to date towards digital enablement and the uplift in digital health maturity. It is on this foundation that the potential of a more connected, person-centred digital health system, and the benefits it offers individuals, the community, healthcare providers, governments and industry, can be realised. The vision of the National Digital Health Strategy is ‘an inclusive, sustainable and healthier future for all Australians through a connected and digitally enabled health system’. Working together, we can achieve this vision to 2028 and beyond.


View The National Digital Health Strategy (11mb pdf)

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