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National Health and Climate Strategy | Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care

National Health and Climate Strategy

The recent announcement comes at a critical time for Australia’s health system. We have been calling for health reform that includes a climate lens and this is a step in the right direction.



The 4 core objectives of the strategy are:

  1. Health system resilience: build a climate-resilient health system and enhance its capacity to protect health and wellbeing from the impacts of climate change.
  2. Health system decarbonisation: build a sustainable, high quality, net zero health system.
  3. International collaboration: collaborate internationally to build sustainable, climate-resilient health systems and communities.
  4. Health in all policies: support healthy, climate-resilient and sustainable communities through whole-of-government action which recognises the relationship between health and climate outcomes.


Required Actions

Actions required to achieve this include:

  • workforce, leadership and training
  • research and innovation
  • communication and engagement
  • collaboration and governance.



AFMW’s Climate Health Action Group (CHAG) agrees and will continue to commit to ongoing efforts applying the gender lens. The voices of more women is needed urgently as climate change affects women more than men.



COP28 has not gone well if you consider the inflammatory climate statements made by its current President. It was a shocking disappointment to have COP28 kick off with refusal to accept that all fossil fuel use must be stopped if the planet is to remain habitable by all, living creatures.

This is s call to us for stronger action.


Further Information

Visit the National Health and Climate Strategy website.


Magdalena Simonis AM
Chair CHAG

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