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Our New Direction for 2013 – 2014!

We are excited about our new direction!

After a busy 2011 where the MWS of NSW hosted several wonderful dinners, 2012 was quiet due to a several factors. One achievement was summarising the results from the online survey of our members done by Jo Watts from Leapfrog Research. After reviewing the results it was clear that that the real value of MWS of NSW was its membership of both AFMW and MWIA, each a powerful lobby group at the national and international level respectively. MWS of NSW members also enjoyed the social and educational benefits of membership, but were most enthusiastic about the advocacy aspects of the Society.Dr Rickman and Dr Tivey met with Fiona Davies, CEO of AMA (NSW), to review the ongoing support by the AMA of MWS of NSW. It was a fabulous meeting, helping to clarify what the MWS of NSW wanted to achieve as well as reconfirming the AMA’s support of the organisation.For 2013 we have decided to hold two dinner meetings – one early in the year to establish the goals and vision for our advocacy work for the coming year, and an end-of-year dinner where a progress report is made, with a guest speaker if desired. In place of other dinner meetings we will look at developing our electronic communications and ways to support those advocacy issues identified. There are a number of ways to use new technology to our advantage and we will explore this with our members in the coming months. It is hoped this will reinvigorate the membership, empowering medical women to be more involved in a variety of issues and to know their membership fee is well worth it!

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