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Recap: AFMW Open Forum with Professor Helen O’Connell AO held 22 Sept

Professor Helen O’Connell Open Forum Recap

Let’s get ‘cliterate’. Professor Helen O’Connell AO presented at our AFMW Open forum on September 22nd, and educated us around the complex anatomy of the female genital tract focussing on the clitoris.

The current edition of the revered Gray’s Anatomy text book (, continues to portray an incorrect description of this complex and unique organ. Helen is Australia’s first female urologist and Professor of urology. Her research is a world first and has instigated the ‘cliteracy movement‘ bringing the arts and science together.

As you watch, you will come to understand the depth of ignorance around women’s bodies, the effort made historically to ‘fix’ our ‘anomalous’ genitals and the reasons women’s health has been so poorly taught and understood. You can watch and hear Professor Helen O’Connell’s session here:


Magdalena Simonis


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