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Sexual Behaviour of Korean Young Women: Preliminary Study for the Introduction of HPV prophylactic vaccine


METHODS: This study was conducted by the Synovate Healthcare in the 6 large city of Korea. By a stratified sampling methods, 2400 women aged 12-29 years old were included. The measures of sexual behavior presented in this report were collected by a Computer-Assisted Self-Interviewing (ACASI).

RESULTS: Among women 12-29 years of age, 39 percent of women (934 persons in 2,400 women) and 33 percent of single women (724 persons in 2,190 women) have had vaginal intercourse; 8 percent of women under 19 years old (79 persons in 1,045) and 56 percent of single women with 20-29 years old (645 persons in 1,145). Number of sexual partner was 2.8 person and 54 percent of women had more than 2 partners. Age of the first sexual activity (sexual debut) was 21 years old. The age of partner at the sexual debut was 23.2 years old. Sexual experience before 15 years old was only 2%. About the condom, 41% did not use or rarely use.

CONCLUSION: Our data demonstrate that the sexual debut time of young Korean women differ from other countries. We conclude that the optimal age for HPV vaccination in Korea would be determined by this situation.

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