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shEqual | The link between sexist ads and violence against women

Connecting the dots – How sexist advertising drives violence against women

shEqual, stemming from various cultural and systemic ‘wrongs’ that need to be corrected, was nationally launched in November 2020. An initiative of the Women’s Health Victoria (WHV), shEqual is intended to create a wave of change in advertising. 

As a board member of Women’s Health Victoria (WHV), we undertook the first white paper on the impacts of sexist advertising on Violence Against Women (VAW) and women’s health issues including self image, anxiety, BDD, Eating Disorders.

WHV received state government funding for this project which we, as a board (WHV) agreed, was a direction we should take especially following from the work we did on creating the around female genital cosmetic surgery ( FGCS). See

With the findings created, from the sexist advertising policy paper, the brand shEqual evolved. It was borne out of workshopping with a top marketing and branding company responsible for creating the TAC and QUIT campaigns.


“Whether ads are explicit or subtle, advertising has the power to influence how women are treated in society.


shEqual has gained much momentum during these COVID times.

It is intended to create a wave of change in advertising, to create awareness around subconscious bias and to make people see how sexism pervades almost everything we see, and how we choose one person over another for particular roles. Another source of gender inequity.

It is the beginning of a movement which aims to change the tide at root level.


For More Information

Visit the shEqual website.



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