Teenage Depression: I Just Want You To Be Happy

A practical, sympathetic, reassuring and highly accessible guide for every parent and carer concerned that their teenager is depressed, I Just Want You To Be Happy describes the factors contributing to this increasing depression in young people and why our search for constant happiness is setting our children up for problems. It is important for all parents to know that, contrary to popular myth, depression can be prevented and treated.

Aimed at parents, carers, teachers and friends, this book is a much needed, practical, clear and highly accessible guide to identify and help depressed teens, written by three experts, all currently working in the area of teenage health. They are: Associate Professor Leanne Rowe AM, former Chairman of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners who has extensively published in the area of adolescent mental health, Professor Bruce Tonge, Head Monash University School of Psychology, Psychiatry and Psychological Medicine and the Centre of Developmental Psychology and Psychiatry, Melbourne, and Professor David Bennett Ao, Head of the NSW Centre for the Advancement of Adolescent Health.

Click here to download purchasing information.

Click here to download purchase information.