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The Green Electricity Guide by Greenpeace & RACGP – Climate change and health – Practice posters

Climate Change resources for GPs & Doctors

Our friends at Healthy Futures have put together some excellent resources we can share with our members and on our website.

As doctors who are trying to decarbonise our own practices, switching to a clean energy producer is a good initial step and the Green Electricity Guide by Greenpeace is an excellent resource.

RACGP has produced posters GPs/doctors can post in their clinics, with digestible information about burning fossil fuels and health, along with how to manage this. There are posters on climate change and health and there is a focus on the impacts of burning fossil fuels.

Please share with your colleagues and posts in your rooms.

Magdalena Simonis
Chair, Climate Action Health Group (CHAG) AFMW

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